Mobile Bitcoin Wallets

In the digital world we all live in today, it would only make sense that you should be able to send and receive Bitcoin on your smart phone. Thanks to a lot of tech companies and entrepreneurs, you are able to do just that today. On this page we have indexed and reviewed all of the most popular mobile Bitcoin wallet apps for you to compare.

Compare All Mobile Wallets

Compare all mobile Bitcoin wallets based on security and user experience. Read real user reviews for each mobile BTC wallet app.

Mobile Wallet Apps: Should You Use One?

Mobile wallets are not recommended for storing your Bitcoin, especially if you have a large amount or are otherwise looking to store them for long periods of time. Though security can be enhanced on these types of wallets, think about how often people lose or break their phone. If this happens, it can be a hassle to pause or delete your account and BTC address, though some have a synced online wallet for such scenarios.

Mobile Bitcoin wallet apps are generally only convenient if you want to send some BTC to your friend or make a few small BTC transactions on-the-go. As we mentioned earlier, select online wallets will have a mobile wallet app as an add-on for free, so it can be an added bonus. With that said, mobile wallets are currently one of the best options for making on-the-go transactions or sending some BTC quickly to a friend.

Types of Mobile Devices with Bitcoin Wallets

Mobile wallet apps are available on most of the larger smart phone platforms like iOS, Android and the Google Play store, but not so much on the smaller ones such as Windows and other systems that have a much smaller user base, not because it isn’t doable, but mainly because the user base just isn’t there.

Best Mobile Bitcoin Wallets on Android and iOS

Below we have compiled a list of the best, and most popular mobile Bitcoin wallet apps currently available on Android and iOS devices.


The BreadWallet mobile Bitcoin wallet is one of the most popular apps for Bitcoin owners. It’s available on both Android and iOS devices and features a user friendly wallet experience with simple “send” and “receive” buttons. This makes it easy for both those who are new to Bitcoin as well as users with an advanced knowledge.

The BreadWallet app is an open source project, and consequently not the most secure Bitcoin storage option. With that said, it is still one of the best mobile BTC wallets available today.

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bitWallet is another popular mobile Bitcoin wallet app that is available only in the Apple Store. It features a user friendly wallet made for securely storing your Bitcoins.

Once you have downloaded the bitWallet app on your iPhone or iPad, it does not require you to register for an account or fill in any personal information.

The bitWallet app was developed and is maintained by Sollico Software. It was first introduced into the Apple App Store in early 2014.

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