Bitcoin Desktop Wallets

A desktop wallet is simply a piece of software that you can install on your computer to facilitate the storage and transfer of Bitcoin. It was just a few years ago when the only cryptocurrency supported by most major desktop wallets was Bitcoin, but recently companies have began integrating Ethereum, Litecoin and a variety of other cryptocurrencies into their desktop wallet software.

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What is the Best Bitcoin Desktop Wallet?

Compared to other types of Bitcoin wallets and storage methods, Dekstop Wallets are probably the least popular. Some require a more advanced knowledge of Bitcoin and its inner-workings or even some basic coding, making them a less popular option for Bitcoin beginners. On top of that, there are really only about three established, reliable Bitcoin desktop wallets available today.

Because of these facts, most Bitcoin owners prefer to store, receive and send their BTC to an online wallet, hardware wallet or mobile wallet. With that said, using a desktop wallet does have its perks. Below we have outlined the best desktop wallets for you to compare.

Electrum Desktop Wallet

Electrum was the first usable Bitcoin desktop wallet, made available to the public in 2011. The Electrum wallet is actually what is referred to as a “Bitcoin client” and is built to be lightweight as to not slow down your computer by taking up a lot of space.

Because it is not only a wallet, but also a full fledged Bitcoin client, this gives you the power to encrypt your wallet, generate new keys or recover old ones and many other advanced features. The Electrum Bitcoin client is free to download and use, so you will only ever have to pay for transaction fees.

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Armory Desktop Wallet

Armory is a popular open-source Bitcoin wallet management application. The application is programmed on python and offers both an online and “cold storage” wallet. Armory is available on Windows, Mac OSX and Linux

The Armory wallet allows users to generate and store Bitcoin private keys. That means users are able to create and manage multiple encrypted Bitcoin wallets while also generating permanent one-time “paper” backups.

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Storing Bitcoin on a Desktop Wallet

Storing Bitcoin on your desktop can be one of the most secure ways to protect your BTC. Security can be increased even further when you use a wallet with cold storage features, which means that your wallet never communicates with the internet – making it nearly impossible for an attacker to steal your Bitcoin.

Compared to online wallets or even hardware wallets, desktop wallets give the user much more control over the Bitcoin they store there. Most desktop wallets also require a higher level of knowledge about Bitcoin, blockchain and technology in general, so it’s not recommended for those who are not 100% familiar with Bitcoin and blockchain technology.