Bitcoin eCommerce Websites

We have compiled a complete list of eCommerce websites that are currently accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment. Each company may use a different Bitcoin payment processor – some companies utilize BitPay’s merchant services while others use Coinbase or third party solutions. Regardless of the payment processor each site uses, shopping online with Bitcoin is almost always simple and fast.

The 7 Biggest Companies Accepting Bitcoin


Overstock is an all-encompassing eCommerce website that sells everything from home goods to clothing and jewelry. They use Coinbase merchant services for Bitcoin payments which makes purchasing products with Bitcoin simple and fast.

NewEgg is an eCommerce website with a focus on technology products, including laptops, tablets and other tech gadgets from top name brands like Microsoft and Apple.


Microsoft has offered their users an option to use Bitcoin to pay for services in both the Microsoft Store and the xBox Store since 2014.


Shopify is a hosted eCommerce solution that allows its users to easily integrate Bitcoin payment solutions into their online store.


WordPress is a blogging platform and content management system that offers a number of eCommerce solutions and plugins. It now has a wide selection of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency payment plugins to help their merchants integrate Bitcoin into their business.


NameCheap is a domain brokerage and hosting company that boasts low prices on domain names. They allow you to register new domain names and host your website all in one place.


You can now use Bitcoin at Expedia to pay for travel including flights, hotels and car rentals.

Other Companies That Accept Bitcoin

  • Virgin Galactic: A space flight company founded by Richard Branson and Burt Rutan.
  • Reddit: One of the world’s largest online community and forum.
  • A travel website focused on offering users inexpensive flights.
  • OKCupid: A popular internet dating website.
  • Whole Foods: National supermarket chain offering health foods.
  • Digital newspaper and blog.
  • Dish Network: Television service provider.
  • Stripe: A payment solutions company based in San Francisco, CA.
  • Intuit: A financial software company helping individuals and businesses manage their finances.

These are just a few eCommerce companies that are now accepting Bitcoin, and more are sure to follow. We try to update this page about once a month so if you notice anyone missing from our lists, we encourage you to email us. If you’d like to find out where you can spend Bitcoin locally, we recommend checking out CoinMap, which was developed by Satoshi Labs.

How to Spend Bitcoin Online

Spending Bitcoin online at an eCommerce store is actually quite easy – especially if you have had any experience sending or receiving Bitcoin in the past. Since Bitcoin runs on the Blockchain and individual coins are stored in wallets, it makes it fast and easy to transfer Bitcoin from one wallet to another.

In a nutshell – when you buy stuff online with Bitcoin, you are essentially sending something of value (Bitcoin) to the merchant in exchange for their products. To do this, you must transfer the proper amount of Bitcoin to the company’s BTC address. With price swings being experienced daily in Bitcoin prices, companies that accept Bitcoin must use a third party payment processor that offers a system which assigns a fiat currency value to Bitcoin at any point in time.

Why More Companies Don’t Accept Bitcoin

With the wide range of Bitcoin payment processing companies that exist today and the ever-growing popularity of Bitcoin itself, you might be wondering why more companies don’t accept it. The answer is somewhat complex, with a number of different facets.

First off, certain banks will not allow their customers to deal with – in any way, shape or form – in Bitcoin. This makes it difficult for companies to expand their payment options to include cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

The other issue arises from the legal and regulatory uncertainty surrounding Bitcoin at this point in time. As a rather new currency (asset, or whatever you’d like to call it), it is still unclear what types of regulations may arise regarding Bitcoin on both the local and federal level.

For these reasons, many companies are still weary to begin accepting Bitcoin as a payment option for goods and services offered on their website.

Benefits of Using Bitcoin for Online Payments

While Bitcoin is still in its infancy when compared to traditional currencies like the US Dollar, it is already proving to have a lot of benefits when it comes to shopping online. One of the biggest benefits comes from the pseudonymous nature of Bitcoin.

Because Bitcoin is a pseudonymous digital currency, there is not a great deal of personal or financial information being exchanged between yourself and a company when you make an online purchase. Shopping online with Bitcoin means that the only personal data being relayed to the company is a shipping address and your name.

This can be a benefit because, compared to traditional payment methods such as a credit card for example, if the company or payment processor’s data is ever breached, the thieves would not be able to steal your credit card information or other secure information.

Disadvantages of Using Bitcoin for Online Payments

One of the most noticeable disadvantages of using Bitcoin for an online purchase is that you do not get the same level of buyer protection that you would with a major credit card or a service like PayPal — i.e. you cannot “dispute” a Bitcoin purchase. Also, because of the daily price fluctuations there is a possibility that, say $100 USD worth of Bitcoin you used to pay for a purchase today, could be worth more in the future.

In conclusion, the combination of Bitcoin and eCommerce appear to be the perfect match, but the pair is still in its infancy. There is sure to be a lot of innovation to come in the future and it will be exciting to continue watching this develop over time.