Bitcoin Payment Processing Solutions

We hope to give businesses a starting point when they are beginning to consider accepting Bitcoin as a payment method on their website or at their brick and mortar store. Start below by learning about all of the payment processing companies, or scroll down for helpful articles related to Bitcoin merchant solutions.

Payment Processing Companies


BitPay is a company that specializes in Bitcoin payment processing solutions for businesses. The BitPay payment processing system uses an invoice platform which generates a unique wallet address and converts USD to BTC instantly to make payments easy for both the user and the merchant. The company also offers Bitcoin solutions for individuals, but their focus has always been on the merchant side. offers a simple, Bitcoin-only payment processing application for merchants. The Blockchain brand has a number of other services, and payment processing is not the core focus of their company.


Coinbase is a popular Bitcoin exchange in the U.S. who also offers payment processing solutions. You can signup for a merchant account easily on their website, and their services make accepting Bitcoin easy for businesses of all sizes. They have been handling Bitcoin payments for one of the largest eCommerce sites;, since 2014.

Bitcoin Merchant Solution Fees

1% settlement fee
1% fiat conversion fee
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Which Bitcoin Payment Solution is Right for Your Business?

Choosing the right Bitcoin Merchant Solution for your business can be a tough decision. The company you choose will in turn be responsible for properly handling all of your business’ Bitcoin transactions. This is a big commitments, so you’ll want to make sure you’re comfortable working with them and that they can meet all of the needs your company requires.

We recommend doing an ample amount of research before you choose a company, just as you would before choosing a credit card processing company. You will want to take into consideration each company’s fees, their reliability, track record and the services they offer. You should also make sure you understand how the whole process works and thoroughly test the solution to make sure it is compatible with your current eCommerce platform.