Our complete list of every CryptoCurrency lets you learn more about all of the new and existing Digital Currencies before investing or trading them. We outline how each currency works, its pricing in USD & BTC, and even how you can invest in them. Below you will find our live 24/7 price charts for all cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, BitcoinCash and other altcoins.

Select the currency below to view the current live price, historical charts and other useful data before trading cryptocurrencies online. If you would like to start trading cryptos, make sure to check out our full list of Bitcoin exchanges for in-depth information on popular trading platforms.

CryptoCurrency Index (BETA)

NamePrice (USD)Price (BTC)Market Cap 
Bitcoin (BTC)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxStart Trading
Bitcoin Cash (BCH)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxStart Trading
Ethereum (ETH)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxStart Trading
Ethereum Classic (ETC)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxStart Trading
Ripple (XRP)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxStart Trading
Ark (ARK)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxStart Trading
Nexus (NXS)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxStart Trading
Qtum (QTUM)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxStart Trading
OmiseGo (OMG)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxStart Trading
Litecoin (LTC)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxStart Trading
Dash (DASH)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxStart Trading
IOTA (MIOTA)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxStart Trading
Neo (NEO)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxStart Trading
Lisk (LSK)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxStart Trading
Stratis (STRAT)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxStart Trading
Zcash (ZEC)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxStart Trading
Monero (XMR)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxStart Trading
Bitshares (BTS)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxStart Trading
Komodo (KMD)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxStart Trading
Dogecoin (DOGE)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxStart Trading
Bitconnect (BCC)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxStart Trading
Tether (USDT)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxStart Trading
Waves (WAVES)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxStart Trading
Bytecoin (BCN)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxStart Trading

What are CryptoCurrencies?

A cryptocurrency, also referred to as a digital currency, is a currency that utilizes encryption techniques to regulate the generation of units of currency, called “tokens” or “coins”. For a cryptocurrency to be successful, it must also be able to verify the transfer of currency, operating in a decentralized manner, apart from a central bank or financial institution.

Most cryptocurrencies accomplish this by using a public blockchain. This means that all transactions are made available on a decentralized public ledger so anyone can check the validity of a transaction at any given time.

CryptoCurrency Popularity

It was only a few years ago when Bitcoin was the only cryptocurrency available. Once Bitcoin succeeded in proving its concept, many more currencies began springing up. Thanks to a large selection of Bitcoin exchange sites which are available in virtually every country worldwide, you can now easily trade Bitcoin and USD for other cryptocurrencies instantly.

CryptoCurrency Market Capitalization

The cryptocurrency market really began in 2009 when Bitcoin first got onto the scene. Since that time, there have been new and innovative digital currencies popping up nearly every day. Though Bitcoin remains the dominant cryptocurrency, at the time of this post (August 2017) there are nearly 1,000 unique cryptocurrencies available on the market. To be more precise – as of August 7th, 2017 there are approximately 840 different cryptocurrencies.

It is expected that the total market cap on cryptocurrencies will reach $1 trillion USD within the next decade. Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency by both 24 hour trading volume and market cap, alone has a current market capitalization of over $50 Billion USD. The next largest crypto, Ethereum, has a current market cap of nearly $25 Billion USD (August 2017).